Immigration Service Day

On October 18, the community service council and other GSU students came together to take a bus trip to attend Wright Junior College in order to help legal residents become U.S. citizens. The volunteers arrived at GSU promptly at 7:00 a.m that Saturday morning. Although it was rather early, the volunteers were fully awake and arrived fully prepared to work.

The bus ride was about an hour long. Once we arrived at our destination, we gathered together to discuss with one of the hosts what to expect from the event. One of the hosts name was Marcelo and he passed out additional information in regards to the many ID cards that we will see. We also talked very frankly about the N-400 form, which is a form that each of the legal residents needed help to fill out.He also informed us that all the information that we received are all forms of legal documents that will be handled by lawyers as well. This information was needed so that nobody got overwhelmed.

Once everyone was assigned a table, that is when the event really started. On the table, there was white out tape,two laminated signs that read copies on one and questions on the other. Another hosts called legal residents over to the table in order to get assistance on their forms. Looking at all the volunteers faces, one can tell that each of them really enjoyed meeting so many different people.

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