Reflection on Day of Remembrance


Day of Remembrance, a day for us to remember and reflect on our true support to our homeland and thank those who serve in protecting it. This day was held right here on our GSU campus. We had a collaboration with the Veterans Resource Center in executing this day. Donations collected were sent to Operation Support Our Troops to be shipped to our soldiers deployed overseas.

Our event took place in the Hall of Governors. We had two tables set up for this event. On one table we had the donated items and on the other table, there were yellow ribbons and flags that were passed on to people who were passing by or those who wrote a letter to our soldiers in service.  We received many donations from faculty, staff and students. The donated items were boxed by our student volunteers right after our event.

The day ended with many letter writings that were posted on the wall, all of which showed humble and sincere thanks to those who serve our county; others have also wrote a reflection on how they felt at the time back in 2001.











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